Hi, my friend. I’m so glad you’re here.
It's been such a long journey, hasn't it?

I know you’ve been trying so hard for so long.

My dear friend, I see you and I’m so glad you’re reading this today. Your experience makes sense, you make sense, things can change and you aren’t alone. Science says all of that and I say it, too.

It is so hard to continue to be stuck in a world that keeps moving. And to want more than anything to live the life we long for but not be able to step toward it.

Have you felt that way?

Here’s what I want you to know science says is true about you and what is possible for your life:

  • You are unbroken
  • Your system isn’t confused, it’s simply protecting you from what it doesn’t yet know is over
  • Your system knows how to heal, it just needs to be shown the way
  • You aren’t dysfunctional, you are functioning exactly as you should to either a real or perceived threat
  • Before you could even tie your shoes, you learned to adapt if a secure attachment wasn’t available from your caregivers
  • You are resilient
  • You are perfectly made
  • It is possible to step toward your deepest desires
  • You can heal, your system just needs to be shown the way. And that’s exactly what we’re going to do together in this course.

I became a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner and trauma-trained Coach to help people like you get unstuck and get to the other side of your pain. So you can live the full life you are meant to be living.

Not only do I help people do this work, but I’ve lived this work. It saved my life. I have a complex trauma history and spent decades shut down, dysregulated, overwhelmed by the trauma living in my body and removed from life and myself.

I read so many books, did all the learning, had supportive healing happen in talk therapy and yet, my nervous system was still dysregulated, my trauma still felt present and I was still stuck. 

Finding somatic healing brought me home to myself. It helped me heal, so the past could be the past and I could live in the present. It’s why I am living the life I live today and why I do this work. 

There’s nothing I care more deeply about than helping people like you do the same. 



I am a: 

  • Somatic Experiencing Practitioner trained through Peter Levine's three-year trauma modality

  • Polyvagal Trained and member of the Polyvagal Institute Training Team

  • Somatic Attachment trained through Diane Poole Heller

  • Somatic Parts and Inner Child trained

  • Trauma-informed Life Coach through Martha Beck's coaching program