Gain control over your experience so that you can live the life you’re meant for.

This 8 week course is filled with tangible somatic tools that are not only necessary for healing but will change your life and support you to get unstuck in all the ways you are wanting!

I made this video for you!


It's been such a long journey, hasn't it?

I know you’ve been trying so hard for so long.

My dear friend, I see you and I’m so glad you’re reading this today. Your experience makes sense, you make sense, things can change and you aren’t alone. Science says all of that and I say it, too.

It is so hard to continue to be stuck in a world that keeps moving.

Have you felt that way?

It is so hard to want more than anything to live the life we long for but not be able to step towards it.

Have you felt that way, too?

It’s so tiring to try and try and try. To read all the books, to do years of therapeutic work, to understand what happened and is happening but not be able to change our experience.

Have you felt this as well?

And it’s so hard to feel alone in it, to feel broken, to feel different, to want what our system won’t seem to let us have.

Have you felt a lot of these things too, my friend?

You aren’t alone in any of that and things can be different. And I’ve never cared more deeply about anything then helping amazing people like you come home to yourself and the life you are meant for. That’s possible and it’s possible for you.

I know what it’s like to experience all of the things I mentioned. I am a complex trauma survivor myself and I know the pain, confusion, and stuckness trauma brings. I know how hard it is, I know the depths of shame and loneliness, I know the feelings of not belonging or not being enough, I know the never ending dysregulation. I know how hard it is to want to step toward the life you dream of but no matter how hard you try, you can’t.

And I also know what’s possible.

It’s possible to change all of these things, my dear friend. I have and there is nothing special about me or my system.

Healing is possible for all of us, our systems just need to be shown the way.

When it comes to regulating our nervous systems, stepping toward secure attachments in our relationships, setting boundaries, feeling safe in the world, using our voices, embodying our purpose, etc. we must somatically SHOW the protective parts we are safe to have these things,  not simply tell them.

I created this course because I don’t want you to have to spend any more time confused about how to change your experience. I want you to have the science backed tools and somatic exercises to support you in living the life you are meant for.

That’s what we are going to do in this 8-week course. And we are going to do it together. You make sense my friend, all parts. Always.

Your life is waiting for you, let’s get you unstuck so that you can live it.

Take a breath, take my hand, I’m right here with you.



✓ Over 50 tools and exercises to regulate your nervous system. This means gaining control over your experience and knowing how to regulate when you are activated.

✓ Tools to navigate your relationships. How to repair ruptures, how to step toward a secure attachment, how to feel safer in them, how to choose a partner(s) you desire instead of the young parts choosing for you and so much more!

✓ Tools to set and maintain boundaries. Often times our boundaries are reflexive and self protective rather than boundaries based on our truth. We are going to explore exactly this so that you can have the boundaries with your partner(s), family and purpose that support you.

✓ Tools to support you in stepping toward your purpose and how you are here to serve the world!

✓ Tools to greet your younger parts so that they can finally receive the things they’ve been looking for in others

92 videos, 52 worksheets, 50 somatic regulating tools, 10 guided meditations, 13 hours of video content, an online community and 8 live calls with me to help you get unstuck in your life in practical ways that work!

Below is a breakdown of exactly what you will find inside this course...


92 Videos where I will guide you through each and every exercise and tool! ($3,680 value)

  • Each module is filled with between 10 and 12 videos where I walk you through each and every teaching, tool and somatic exercise. I will be right there with you every step of the way. These videos are filled with graphics to help you better understand what we are learning and they are ordered in a way that supports you in integrating each and everything we do together!

13 hours of video content that you will have lifetime access to!

  • These videos won’t just be giving you information that you could learn in a book or listen to in a podcast. These are in depth videos where we will do the exercises and tangible tools right alongside one another. They are overflowing with content, somatic exercises, visuals, graphics and so much more to support you in not just learning but changing your experience!

53 worksheets to support deeper integration of the work. ($1,060 value)

  • Each of the 8 models in this course are filled with in depth, actionable worksheets to help you embody the work we are doing together. We will be creating maps of our nervous system, creating tactical plans to begin reshaping and regulating our nervous systems, dialoguing prompts to repair ruptures, creating a toolbox of regulating resources and so much more as we navigate these 53 in depth worksheets together!

Over 38 somatic regulating resources! ($760 value)

  • When it comes to regulating our nervous systems, healing trauma, setting somatic boundaries, greeting our younger parts, changing our thoughts, repairing ruptures, stepping toward purpose and getting unstuck, the regulation of our nervous systems is absolutely necessary. What’s important to know is that we can’t talk our way into a regulated nervous system. This is something we have to somatically feel our way into. That’s exactly what I’m going to do with you using over 38 different somatic exercises!

Eight weekly 2 hour live Q&A’s with me to get all of your questions answered! These will be uploaded into your protal and you’ll have access to them forever! ($1,200 value)

  • This isn’t your average course for so many reasons. One of them being that this is a LIVE experience. It can be so hard to follow through when we don’t have connection and support along the way. I designed this  course to provide you continual co-regulating support with me! We will meet weekly as a group for two hours so that I can answer any questions (you’ll be able to submit those prior!) that come up as you’re navigating the videos, worksheets and tools throughout each week. This is also a wonderful space for connection, to come together as a community and be supported as we navigate this journey together!

An online community page to connect with other amazing people like you venturing on this brave journey of healing! ($100 value)

  • Co-regulation is so incredibly important and it propels the healing process forward! This easy to access private online community will be right inside your portal. It’s a place to connect with other amazing people just like you! It’s a place to share your experience and a place where you will always belong. For many of us (myself included), we’ve been made to feel like we don’t belong and we may have people in our lives who don’t understand the journey we are on. It is so powerful and healing to come into a safe community where we can feel understood, seen and known. It’s going to be amazing!

Lifetime access to the entire course AND the recorded live Q&A’s with me!

  • This course is meant to be explored at a pace that is right for you! It will create so many changes in your life and will become the foundation that you will take with you far beyond our time together. Because of that, I wanted to give you lifetime access to ALL of the material so that you can revisit it anytime you might need support, a reminder or someone to walk the path with you, I’ll be right there every step of the way!

Client Testimonial

"Learning this work is absolutely life changing. Everything makes sense and Sarah has such an incredible way of explaining complex topics in a way that is really easy to understand. I cannot thank her enough for such a life changing experience, this truly changed my life and the way I see everything."

Client Testimonial


"This was by far the best investment I’ve ever made on my healing journey. I’ve learned so much about myself! Sarah does an incredible job with holding space, delivering educational resources and connecting the dots. I highly recommend this course to everyone!"

Client Testimonial

"Working with Sarah has been truly life changing. I have taken so many workshops and classes, read so many books, talked to so many therapists, neurofeedback, EMDR, yoga and some of them helped a little, but Sarah's paradigm of connecting to myself through understanding and befriending my nervous system was pivotal. Sarah also provided such a safe, grounded, validating environment that allowed me to learn and feel supported, something I have never experienced before. I now have a completely different inner dialogue and regard for myself. It is almost impossible to believe how effective and what a tremendous difference 8 weeks with Sarah has made in my life. I am so grateful for her patience, humor, gentle spirit and relentless support and validation. I truly did not believe it was possible for me when I have been searching, trying so many different modalities and not finding a discernible improvement. I would highly recommend Sarah's work as an investment for anyone suffering from the impact of trauma. It completely exceeded my hopes and expectations."

It can be so hard to figure out if something is “right,” for us. If you’re feeling that way right now, I absolutely understand, my friend. It makes sense. 


And so many of us (myself included) have had to navigate making hard decisions or confusion decisions or overwhelming decisions on our own. So, if you’re feeling that way right now, I made this video for you so that I can support you in arriving at whatever your truth is. It’s always right.

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What's inside "You Make Sense"...

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Client Testimonial

"This experience has given me hope, transformation and empowerment in areas in which I felt hopeless and stuck. Sarah's presence and approach, the progression of concepts as well as the practical tools from week to week helped me to understand what was going on for me personally and address it. I feel equipped to continue the work and continue moving forward. I am so thankful!"

Client Testimonial


"This is an eye opening course that gives students the opportunity to compassionately understand themselves in a whole new way and provides a gentle hands-on approach to heal past trauma. The course is mindfully conveyed, overflowing with informative material that is beautifully presented in a comprehensible and straight-forward manner. The course contains practical, powerful life-changing tools and techniques which are clearly outlined and kindly explained by Sarah. Her in-depth knowledge, awareness and consistent, loving supportive energy is extraordinary and results in a passion and dedication that is unparalleled. Sarah is honest, open and shares her own personal life experiences and somatic healing journey. This is testimonial in itself."

Client Testimonial


"I cannot begin to explain how life-changing working with Sarah was for me. I have struggled with depression and anxiety for over a decade and felt like I had tried everything! Even though I saw some results with other methods, this work made everything I was going through make sense and gave me the tools I really need to start shifting my state. As a result, I was not only able to feel more in control of my emotions but so too was able to show up in my relationships and business in a completely different way. The best part is I know these results are long-lasting because Sarah equipped us with all the information and practical tools to continue integrating this work. Sarah is so incredibly healing with both her knowledge and her compassion; her energy supported me in accessing a part of me that I had not been able to access for long periods for years, a ventral calm and regulated state. I would recommend this for everyone and anyone - that's how beneficial it was for me and how much I believe this information is so vital for everyone to be able to get unstuck and tap into their true potential."

Frequently Asked Questions that you may have, too!


+ Who is the course for?

I spent a year putting together a course that would support people from all walks of life, different trauma histories, different relational dynamics and different experiences. It is absolutely not a “one size fits all,” experience. This work will integrate into your own life specific to you and I will continually remind you to go at the rate that your system needs. 

If you…

Are finding yourself stuck

Are finding it hard to regulate your nervous system

Have learned a lot but can’t seem to “think,” your way into healing or getting unstuck

Are new to your healing journey

Find relationships hard, confusing, overwhelming, scary

Find communicating, being seen,  and being heard hard

Struggle to know what your truth is

Struggle to set boundaries 

Feel unsafe in the world or find your young parts showing up a lot

Feel like it’s impossible to step toward the life you want

Find like you can’t get free of the past

Feel out of control in your life

Feel confused about any part of your experience…

Then this course is for you! We’re going to address all of those things together!

+ How long will I have the material?

Forever! As long as the internet is around, you will have access to this course! All of the videos, worksheets and Q&A live call recordings will be yours forever! 


+ What if I can’t be there live for the Q&As?

Not to worry, you’ll be able to pre-submit your questions so they can be answered and the calls will always be recorded and uploaded to your portal!


+ I’ve taken other courses that I didn’t complete or couldn’t focus on taking, how will this be different?

I created this course with connection and co-regulation in mind because they are absolutely needed for regulation and healing. That means that this isn’t a self-paced course that provides little support. This is a Live dripped course filled with connection with me and the other participants. Each week you and everyone in the course will receive access to a new module in real time so we will all be doing it together. There is also an online community page right inside your portal where we will be connecting and sharing throughout each week. It’s a place to receive support and to create powerful connections with other amazing people like yourself. In addition, there will also be weekly 2 hour live calls with me where I will answer all of your questions and we’ll have time to connect. This isn’t your average course, this is a supportive, live experience that will propel your healing forward!


+Is it ok to take the course if I’m also in therapy?

Absolutely! This work will be a wonderful addition to what you are doing in your 1:1 work. I would invite you to bring the exercises and tools in with your therapist or practitioner so that you can integrate them into the other work you are doing, too!